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hey, i see a looot of people in my friends list
and most of them i don't know, or i just never
talked too (i'm also apologizing for being a very
terrible lj friend myself) anyway, i'm undergoing a
friends cut, if you can't see this you have been cut
if you want me too add you back, please let me know
here otherwise, sorry, but i hope you can understand
♠ hey pretty baby with the high heels on

friends only

hey people dont wanna sound rude or anything but please dont add me to your friends list 
for graphics, i post all of my work at [info]rougeamour  so if you want graphics you can go
there :), i m really open into making new friends its just that i find it wierd that so many people
have been adding me lately and i didint want to look rude because i didint add any back,
anywyas hope you understand :)
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♠ hey pretty baby with the high heels on

j a i m e fashion

heya how u do? i'm doing great since i'm still on vacation and i'm sorry for those who already started school :S anywyas i just want to inform you that i have a new community called jaimefashion  :D and as the name can tell it's all about fashion and beautiful things :)  you can post rigth away when you become a member (editorial, fashion inspiration, lj icons with fashion and models....as long as it's related to fashion :P) so i hope to see all you fashionistas there!