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☂ ma philosophie, c'est vivre.

♣ an old soul in a new body

15 July 1991
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polina . black . hopeless romantic . 19 years old . lives in canada . politically aware . huey freeman groupie .
obsessed with elizabeth taylor, marilyn monroe, audrey hepburn, grace kelly and james dean . adores classic
hollywood . listen to some michael jackson every single day . motown classics fanatic . diana ross is the original
boss . i'm open about making new friends ♥ so leave me a message

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1950s, 1960s, 1980s, aaliyah, alfred hitchcock, alice in wonderland (1951), alicia keys, all about eve, angela davis, audrey hepburn, ava gardner, ava/cigarettes (sorry frank), bambi, bette davis, beyonce, billie holiday, black history, black studies, blake lively, carimi, cary grant, cat-on-a-hot-tin-roof, chaka khan, christina aguilera, cinderella, civil rights movement, clark gable, classic film, classic films, classical hollywood, claudette colbert, diana ross, don't believe the hype, dorothy dandridge, drake, eartha kitt, elizabeth taylor, elizabeth taylor/richard burton, ella fitzgerald, emma watson, ertha kitt, etta james, fashion, feminism, femme fatale, film noir, frank sinatra, fred astaire, gary cooper, gaspard ulliel, gene kelly, gene tierney, gilmore girls, ginger rogers, gone with the wind, gossip girl, grace kelly, hedy lamarr, humphrey bogart, icons, ingrid bergman, jackie kennedy, jackie onassis, james brown, james dean, janet jackson, john f. kennedy, josephine baker, judy garland, julie andrews, kid cudi, kim novak, lauren bacall, lena horne, mad men, mariah carey, marilyn monroe, marlon brando, martin luther king, marvel comics, marvin gaye, men in suits, michael jackson, mka, montgomery clift, motown, natalie wood, old hollywood, one tree hill, paint shop pro, paul newman, paul newman/joanne woodward, photoshop, politics, pop art, prince, public enemy, quotes, rick james, rita hayworth, rock hudson, roman holiday, rosa parks, scarlett o'hara, sexy boys with cigarettes, smokey robinson, solange, suddenly-last-summer, tammi terrell, the boondocks, the golden girls, the jungle book, the killers (1946), the little mermaid, the notebook, the oc, the supremes, the temptations, the-girl who-had-everything, the-last-time-i-saw-paris, vampire diaries, vintage, whitney houston, who's-afraid-of-virginia-woolf?, zoe saldana